Kilbeggan 1 L

Blended with the finest grain and malt whiskeys, Kilbeggan® Irish Whiskey has a smooth, sweet taste and lovely malty finish. This warm amber-colored whiskey has the aroma of citrus, honey, and the sweetness of nuts and grain. On the palate, it's light and smooth with a blend of honey, malt, oak, pears, and spice flavors. Born in the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, Kilbeggan® is distilled in a 180-year-old pot still (the oldest in Ireland) and aged at least three years and a day in bourbon barrels. Long and warm, the taste of floral honey and spice with oak and peat finishes each sip. Sip this whiskey neat, with ice, or in cocktails like the Kilbeggan Irish Storm, combining this Irish Whiskey with ginger beer and fresh lemon sour for a new take on a classic favorite. Discover Kilbeggan, the smooth and real Irish whiskey taste worth sharing, from Ireland’s oldest and most awarded distiller – made in the traditional Irish way.